Patient Portal

The Patient Portal will also give you secure direct access to your medical information online. You can also send messages directly to your medical provider.  Some internet browsers may have trouble logging you in. If you fail logging in try logging in at this link – Click Here for ALTERNATE LOGIN to Patient Portal

As a service to our patients, we offer a safe, secure and encrypted web access to your medical records. Only you can log in to see you scheduled appointments, contact information, lab and pathology results, and current medications. HIPAA compliant, the Patient Portal is more secure than email in protecting your information for your eyes alone.

From the Patient Portal you can send a message to your provider, request refills, check your recent labs and even see your current or previous statements. Through the Patient Portal system, ACD hopes to expedite response in a timely fashion to you as the patient and avoid "playing phone tag" with you. We at ACD know that your time is more valuable than keeping a phone line open for us to return your call.

This service is free to all patients of ACD.

To obtain access to the Patient Portal:

  1. Become a patient of Dr. Angela Moore and the ACD clinic
  2. Request a username and password from our office staff (call 817-795-7546 or email your request at
  3. Log in with your assigned username and password
  4. Update your password once logged in. Only you will have access to the account with your updated password.